JINSUNG AUSTRALIA: Jinsung Australia is formed by 2 companies

1. JINSUNG TRADING is an exporter ofAustralian commodities, such as quality seed, grain and pulses supplying mainly to Korea and China. JINSUNG sources product from a large nationwide customer base, to provide the highest quality product to our customers in both the domestic and international market. We also render services to the companies willing to import goods from Australia and also Australian companies willing to export anything outside Australia, especially from Korea and China.

JINSUNG Food, manufacturing Korean traditional food mainly using Australian and Korean grains to produce fresh and healthy food to people. JINSUNG’s main customers are Asian groceries all over in Australia. JINSUNG FOOD has its own roasting; grinding and de-hydrating facilities to produce final products as well as quality processed materials such as grain powder, roasted corn, and dehydrated potatoes for other food factories use.